Next Steps Classes

Next Steps program are classes designed for anyone wanting to serve at Victory. We offer five different classes (Beginnings, Grow, Connect, Go & Lead) to help people discover and develop a life in Christ. If you are interested in serving in one of our departments then you will need to complete the Beggining & Grow Classes, but if you are intersted in leadership you will need to complete all five. Classes are offered monthly at our Georgetown Campus and you can sign-up at the Information Desk.

Beginnings Class – Saturday, August 3 at 10:00AM

Grow Class – Saturday, August 3 at 11:15AM

Grow Class – Sunday, August 4 at 11:45AM

Beginnings Class – Sunday, August 18 at 11:45AM

BEGINNINGS: Are you new to church? Perhaps you’ve been coming for a while but don’t yet feel quite at home. We want to help you change that! We’re glad you are here and want to do everything we can to help your family feels at home here at Victory. Have your recently committed or recommitted your life to Jesus? We want to help you get started on the path towards an exciting and fulfilling Christian Life.

GROW: The decision to follow Christ is just the start of the journey. From that moment on we are on a pathway of growth to become more like Jesus. We are always growing in our knowledge and understanding of God. At Victory we want to help you grow. There’s lots you can do to develop your faith. So why not start something new to help you grown today?

LEAD: Everybody is a leader in some capacity. It may be in your family, a sporting team or at work. Many people will also sense God calling them to become a leader in soem area of church life. At Victory there’s opportunity to help you develop your personal life, your spiritual life, your leadership life, your leadership skills and your people skills so you can be as effective a leaders as possible.




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