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Youth Up Lift Scholarship Program

We’re excited to participate in Youth UpLift—a scholarship program that helps churches raise funds for youth ministries. With a little help from our church family, we can raise up to $2,000! The awarded scholarship funds go directly to our youth program.

There’s so much our church can do with the extra funds!

Plus, it takes less than a minute to make a positive impact in a child’s life. All you have to do is set up a recurring gift. For every 25 new recurring givers that sign up, we get a scholarship check for $200.

The gift amount can be as humble as $1 and increase to any desired amount, and the frequency is up to you, whether that’s every week, once a month, or something else.

How to sign up

Set up a recurring gift by visiting It’s a simple, one-time set up. Remember, recurring giving is flexible—you can conveniently manage and change your giving frequency and gift amount at any time.

If you want to learn more about how we’ll use the scholarship funds, don’t hesitate to ask Andy and Kate Sebastian (Impact Youth Leaders) or Nicole Aseltine (Impact Kids Director).

We look forward to participating in Youth UpLift and hope you’ll join us.

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